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Sunday, January 1, 2012
Sunday, January 1, 2012

YOUTUBE Q and A New!!!

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Questions and Answers,
comments & suggestions
Posted at  Youtube

Why did you change your goal from knee to ankle?

I had reached 56"(knees) and was ready to trim it when I reached 58". I thought it would be fun to go 2" more so I could say I once had 5ft of hair!
When I reached 60 I decided to try for ankles once in my life before I go shorter.
 How come we can never see your face?
LOL because I choose not to show it. Best decision I ever made!
Keeps the flirting at a minimum and besides, I feel bad enough when people misuse my hair photos. I rather keep private anyways.
Isn't your hair heavy when its down?
No, It's heavy when it is up! Of course my hair does have some weight when down but it never feels heavy to me. When it is wet it does feel heavy though!
I weighed my hair recently (at 62") and it weighed 9oz when dry!
You should talk in your videos It  would make them easier to understand.
I disagree! A visual video with no speaking can reach all languages all over the world! I do everything to make my hair tutorials clear so words are not needed. I also enjoy watching non talking video tutorials since they get to the point quicker. I do add text when needed. I tried a talking video once and took it off in a couple days!

 May I ask, how long did it take to grow your hair that long?
My last shorter hair cut was in 1991. I grew it longer from then and maintained it for 10 years at tailbone length. I kind of grew it in stages of maintaining it at certain lengths for months or years! My hair grows about 7" a year so at 62"My answer will be almost 9 years. The hair on my head is technically 9 years old.
Don't let the haters discourage you. That's what they want, if you let them get to you, they will keep tormenting you.
Yes the haters are out in full force on youtube and many people have to deal with them.  I disabled commenting on most of my videos in 2010.Thumbs up a video or favorite it to show support! Disabling commenting made my channel a very peaceful place. I do appreciate all of the nice comments from many long hair fans in the past.
 Every time I go to get my hair cut they always cut off more than I would like, what should I do?
Find a trusted family member to trim it or learn to self trim. There are also some trustworthy salons who will listen if you tell them you are growing out your hair. Have a serious talk with them and if they won't listen or take you seriously, then just walk out.
(links to self trimming on my hair care page)
You can usually go 4-6 months without a trim if you are growing it long.

Any tips on how to care for long hair? Like split ends and stuff.
Use little heat and condition regularly. Use wide tooth combs on wet hair and try to wear your hair in protective buns or updos a lot. Limit your use of sulfates and try not to wash more than twice a week.
(more on my hair care page)
Split ends must be trimmed off because nothing can fix them and they will only get worse. You can do a search and destroy under a bright light to cut the individual hairs or go to a salon or family member to get a trim.
Get a quality scissors used only for hair from a beauty supply store.

Where are some of your videos, many of them disappeared?
Yes , I made many of the non tutorial videos private or unlisted.
I will post them to the public on my main channel from time to time.
I am also considering making a playlist exclusively for this site that plays videos not shown on youtube. I rather focus on tutorials as much as possible with a progress video from time to time.
After almost 6 years on youtube I just had too many videos.

Who's the lucky person that takes your video's ? How does he/she keep their hands from shaking ? LOL?
LOL! I started out using a self timer for videos and photos, but now I do get some help from my husband or my son. My husband likes to take photos and video's and his hands don't shake much, lol.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences!!
 You are very welcome! I wish I could do more, but I only have so much time.
I do hope I have helped or inspired a few.
Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration!
And thank you to the kind people that have supported my long hair journey since 2005. I believe many could grow their hair very long with patience, good hair care, support and a true desire to have long hair!
What do you think of the new youtube channel design?
I don't like it too much to be honest. I will keep the old version for as long as I can.
What do you know about locks of love?
To keep a long story short, Locks of Love sells most of the donated hair and it never gets to a needy child. The few wigs they make are SOLD to the child, they are not free. Long hair people are often pressured or made to feel guilty or selfish. There were some great articles about locks of love by Trent Stamp, a Charity investigator, but when he retired a couple years ago the blog with the info was deleted. Thousands of people read about truth about LOL and there is still some good info out there. Read some facts and spread the word.
See my subpage (main menu) for the articles
I like your videos but am sad I can't comment or ask questions since you don't allow comments anymore, why is that?
Because of haters and also answering questions on every video was too time consuming. I also had to approve comments which also took time.
I am planning to have one video on youtube where I will allow Q and A.
It will be open for comments and questions in 2012.

Do you dye your hair?
NO. I have not colored my hair in over 25 years! I am also starting to have many silver hairs and I will never ever dye my hair.
I'm sure they will become more noticeable in the next year or so!
Like it or not it's going to happen to all of us eventually!

Will you ever cut your hair?
YES. I will probably go a bit shorter after I stay at ankle for a while.
I should reach ankle in the winter, Nov/Dec of 2012 if all goes well.
I am planning to go back to knee length which will be about 54" this will result in a 14" cut. I want to maintain at knee for a while longer and then possibly go back to classic length in the future.That means another 14" cut to end up around 40". I will save the hair and put the 2- 14" ponytails together. Ankle length is just a test to see if I can grow that long!
This is  subject to change though...I will always have long hair, just not ankle length hair! And I will never grow it to the floor. I think it would drive me crazy.

Will you ever review hair products you use?
Yes, I am working on that in 2012 and have a second youtube channel  that will feature hair products, accessories and more. I also post what I use on my hair care page here on this site in a slide show that is updated regularly.

Does anyone help you wash your hair?
No, never. I don't need help. I simply wash it in the shower and use no more shampoo than I always did. I use lots of conditioner though!
I do get some help drying my hair with a blow dryer at times
(warm/cool setting only)

Thanks for the questions and comments!

Click Here  to visit my Youtube channel

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