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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

winter hair care

Winter is here in Chicago.This time of year calls for extra hair care! Here are a few things I do to keep my hair healthy...

~ONE~ Condition more. Deep condition at least once a week using my conditioner coconut oil,almond oil recipe ( see Jan 18, 2010 calendar page for recipe and directions)....In between washing, I condition the last 12-18 inches with some regular conditioner. I simply do it in the shower or the sink. This helps keep the older ends moist. Add a few drops of almond or jojoba oil too, after you rinse conditioner out. NOTE: do not rinse the hair long, leave some IN!...

~TWO~ Use a humidifier in your room where you spend most time. OR- Adjust your furnace to add more moisture if you have this feature. If you dont have either you can hang towels or boil some water on the stove to add humidity to your home.The dry air takes a toll on the hair. Between static and dry hair your hair will needs help!....

~THREE~Wear your hair up more. Be sure to spray your hair with a little conditioner and water before you make the bun. Then it will keep your hair moist. You can also wet a scrunchie and add it under your bun, or put it around the bun. If you go outside, wear a hat to keep it from freezing!! Keeping your hair up protects it from the wear and tear from zippers,buttons etc that tend to snag the hair!....

~FOUR~...wash the hair less but condition more! I only wash about every 6 days. This saves on the wear and tear you put your hair through. The best thing for your hair is IT'S OWN OIL!You can even rub the ends of your hair on your scalp! Go in a downward motion!Remember that the more you wash, the more you need to comb( you should use a comb 90% of the time) and brush. This = wear and tear! I hardly handle my hair at all or as little as possible, especially in the winter...