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Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5 year anniversary blog!

Today is the 5th year I had this hair site "JJJLonghairPhotoPage"
I opened it March 9, 2005 with only a few photos to
share!I never planned on having a site!
It started out as a place to share long
hair photos with the new people I was meeting
online with similar interest.
I was really tired of never knowing anyone who also liked and had
long hair.
I came online and found a whole new world! Back then, I never heard of
facebook, Myspace or blogspot.
I did a search and found Zoomshare which offered a free place to have a
photo album and other features.
It was free so I took the plunge.( I upgraded to a pay site now)

I added to it little by little, learning lots along the way.
I got a good digital camera in Oct 2005,
I now had some nice quality photos to share,
instead of blurry cam photos or scanned pictures.

I was inspired to make this site bigger and better by many people who
encouraged me to grow my hair longer,even though I was over 40.

Hard to believe it has been 5 years already! Thanks to all who
have supported my long hair journey and best of luck to all who are growing!

I started out my longer hair journey at the length of 36" and I am now at 58" I
had a total of 35" of growth in the last 5 years since my hair grows 7" per
year. I did trim 13" in the last 5 years so that = 22" of hair that I gained and
5 years and still growing strong!
My limit is 60" and then I stop and maintain. I am almost there :-)

I have found that long hair sparks some strange reactions in some.
Some people do not understand long hair or why we grow it.
Some can't grow it long,or do not have the patience and choose
to hate or be nasty and negative.
I have dealt with many e mails and forum threads that have
negative things to say about me and my long hair.

But...I have had a much bigger following of nice,supportive people
who have gained knowledge and inspiration from this site.
This is what this site is all about. If not for the positive inspirational
people I have met in the last 5 years, I would not have worked so hard
making this a fun place to visit. You have been my inspiration!
Please ignore the haters and grow it long....I did!

Thanks to all who have been so supportive during my longer hair journey!
Remember that every journey has it's twists, turns and setbacks.
Be the best you can be and grow your hair as long as you can, keeping
it healthy.
The journey has been fun and I am almost at my ultimate length goal.
After I reach 60" I plan on maintaining it there as my hair is far from perfect!
I hope to share my future hair goals with you, be it going shorter or
staying very long.
It is really fun to grow hair this long once in your life and I hope
more will try it.
The greatest compliment is being told I have inspired someone
to grow their hair long or they have kept their hair long after visiting my site!
Long hair is not a burden, it is part of us that we love.
Let your own long hair journey continue or start today!

With great appreciation,