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Saturday, May 22, 2010
Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hair dryers- my opinion and experience

Blow Drying and Air Drying- My routine and opinion- By JJJ

These are my personal thoughts and experiences about using hair dryers/blow dryers for over 30 years:

I have been using a hair dryer since I was in my early teens. I never had any problems with a blow dryer hurting my hair. The dryers were very basic years ago and had minimal controls in the 60's, 70's and usually on/off and high and low.The heat was always HOT with no cool settings like there are today!
Even back then I was careful and believe me, if you were not careful you could burn your hair or skin with the ancient models.

In the current years the hair dryer became  much better with more features. Now you can have  hot/warm/cool settings on your dryer. There are even ionic dryers to help dry hair faster.
Now there are heat protectant sprays you can use prior to drying your hair.

I partly air dry my hair every time I wash it. I dry my hair in several small sessions of 3-5 minutes letting it rest and air dry for 5-10 minutes in between.
I have naturally straight hair and blow drying it makes it very sleek and tangle free for days after! I alternate the heat settings and if I feel it getting too warm, I set it to cool with a cool shot button that is so easy to use! My hair dryer is about 5 years old. It is a Vidal Sassoon Ionic hair dryer model vs501. It has 1875 watts. It has a low and high air flow setting and hot warm settings. You can also use it with cool air so no heat is used. This is great to cool down all of the hair and closes the cuticle.When my hair dryer dies I will replace it. I will never stop using one!

I use my blow dryer 2-3 times a month at most. This would equal a maximum of  36 times a year!
I hardly use heat protectant sprays because I really don't think I need one. I did try the tresseme brand one time.

I love to blow dry my hair and I also love the result!It makes my hair smooth and extra straight. I divide my hair in half to start out, parted down the back. Of course the hair is totally combed out and tangle free first. I start by blow drying the back since this is where my hair is extra thick. I always keep 10-14" away with the dryer. After a few minutes I quit and air dry for a few minutes. I bend at the waist and hang my hair down and slightly comb. I dry my hair a bit in this position too. I am now just letting the hair free with the blow dryer working. I switch from hot/warm/cool frequently.

When my hair is 90% dry I hold it with my paddle brush and slowly dry the hair by pointing the dryer at the hair being held by the brush. My husband often helps me now with this part since my hair is 5 ft long! I do this about 7-10 times on each side. I have a lot of hair in the brush. He always stays at least 10 inches away with the dryer. We switch from hot to warm and finish off with cool.
 This is the only time I use a paddle brush. It helps hold the hair in place as I am finishing the drying.

If I am in a hurry and just want my hair dry in the quickest time, I just skip the brush part. I usually use the brush drying/straightening technique if I want to do photos/videos or wear my hair down.

Many people are shocked that I can have hair this long and use a hair dryer! Their opinion is that it destroys the hair and dries it out and causes split ends.
I am living proof that a hair dryer can be used without damage!
My hair is strong and in good health.

People with fine hair should be more careful of heat styling/drying since their hair type has less strength in most cases and is just more fragile. People with natural curls often avoid the hair dryer to keep curls intact or use a diffuser to lightly dry and lift.

The hair dryer also helps with deep conditioning. I often warm up my hair with my deep conditioner in since it helps the conditioner and oils penetrate.

Air drying outside:
I air dry in the summer on sunny warm days. It does take a long time and I do it in my back yard which is very private. I bend at the waist and fan it out. I lightly comb it once or twice.
The bonus is that the sun lightens my hair. Drying my hair indoors in the summer is just too hot to do! I also try to save energy!

Air drying indoors:
I often use a fan to speed up the drying.
Personally, I do not like walking around with wet hair and try to dry it as quickly as possible.
My hair takes many hours to air dry indoors and the under layers remain damp for up to 24 hours if left to dry on its own with no fan!

Many people have bad opinions of hair dryers! Many of these people do not own one or have never owned one! In this case, their opinion means nothing to me.
I know of a few long hair forums who describe the hair dryer like it is a blow torch!
I have defended the blow dryer many times but have now given up.
And, I also know of other forums who love the hair dryer and use it regularly.
Use common sense and I really believe that hair dryers can be  used safely with minimal damage if any.

Everyone is different. Do what works for YOU!

I am living proof that I can use a blow dryer and still have long healthy hair.

Thank you for reading!


*This pages text is copyright JJJLONGHAIR and may not be copied and posted in any forum, site or blog.
Link the page only. Thank you.


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