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Saturday, October 1, 2011
Saturday, October 1, 2011

Combs and brushes

Wonderful Video showing quality combs being made!

Find the COMBS mentioned in the above VIDEO at 
combs made by Hercules Sägemann
I personally like the HS styler comb   7.25"
(it is very similar to my  black Scunci comb that was discontinued) 
Wonderful Bone (bakelite)  seamless combs.
I personally own the palm pic #232 and the Volume #210
They are wonderful! Worth the price! Very durable.
George Michael Quality seamless combs and  Boar Bristle Brush
(I own the Boar Bristle styling brush and love it) 
Detangling comb (wood)
I own this comb. It is a little bit small but it is well made and seamless.
 Quality Combs and brushes.

MasonPearson (info and history from their London site)
many sources online for ordering. These are some of the most expensive"best" brushes  made. I do not own one
Personally, I am happy with my George Michael Boar Bristle brush.

*This list is a guide for anyone needing a quality Comb or Brush.

There are many Boar bristle brushes available in retail stores where I live
in Illinois (USA)and possibly by you also. Be sure to examine the brush to make sure it is 100% boar bristle. They come in wooden base and cushion base. I own both types.

The right tools are very important to keep your hair healthy and to reduce damage and breakage. ALWAYS examine your combs for seams that might damage your hair. You can sand them with a nail file if needed.
 I find it harder to find good seamless wide tooth combs  in the stores, especially the ones with no handle.
I hope this page helps you find the right comb or brush.
Look for photos of my combs and brushes in the photo albums section.

Thank you for visiting!

I use combs most of the time. I only comb wet hair and never use a
brush on wet hair. A wide tooth comb is the best thing to use to safely detangle. I also use a wide tooth comb everyday on dry hair.
I like a comb with no handle the best although I own many handle combs too. See links above for some places to get combs online.
Best to detangle hair from the bottom and work your way up. I do it this way sometimes if I have not combed for a while, otherwise I start from the top and work my way down.I always stop when I hit a tangle and then gently work it out.

The only brush I use now is a boar bristle brush. Before I brush,I always use my wide tooth comb first. Boar bristle brushes are great for distributing the natural oils in your hair from your scalp. They also stimulate the scalp and help circulation. Best to bend at the waist and brush from the nape of the neck to the tips. Follow the hairline and go all around your head.Use your other hand to follow the hair and reduce static.Brush the entire length in one stroke to reduce tangles later. The most beneficial time for brushing is in the morning right after getting up if possible. Start with 20 strokes and increase to 50 a few times a week.
(this is the George Michael technique)
I have a George Michael/Madora Boar bristle brush that works great and it is one of my favorite hair tools.

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